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Negril Life:
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5 Budget-Friendly Activities to do in Negril Jamaica

Located in Westmoreland Jamaica, Negril is known for its beautiful scenery, wide scope of activities and its white sandy beaches. If you or want to plan an excursion, here are 5 fun activities you can do at a reasonable rate:

1. Lethe River Rafting with Limestone Massage

Situated in the hills of Hanover, about an hour from Negril, the Lethe community sits on the bank of the Great River, where you can bask in its clean, cool waters. From approx $60 USD, you will be privileged to experience a serene imagery rafting along Jamaica’s Great River an assured ticket to a peaceful time.

Not too sure you know Jamaica's history? Don't worry as each raft is equipped with a personal tour guide who makes it their mission to help you blend in while getting caught up with Jamaica’s history and culture. Absorb the positive energy as you soak your mind in the calm and still waters while enjoying the blissful aroma of the tropical mist.

Perfect for couples and a beautiful yet romantic excursion, a significant benefit to this journey is the Limestone Massage. Enjoying serenity and the stillness of the Great River, to sweeten the deal your feet are greeted with a welcoming and enticing foot massage. Leaving you renewed and rejuvenated it is without question that Lethe River Rafting is an excellent choice for a memorable time.

2. Touring Negril on the Catamaran Cruise

If you’re looking to fit several elements into one excursion then the Catamaran Cruise is your best bet. From approx $80 USD, your basket is filled with a cruise, snorkeling excursion and a sunset stop. Blazing along the coastline of Negril enjoying the vast sea of fishes and unique creatures, the tour stops for a snorkeling opportunity that will expose you to a brand new and colorful world. Enjoy your cruise on a Catamaran party boat ending your day with a breathtaking sunset at Rick’s Cafe.

3. HorseBack Riding along Negril Shore

For as low as $80 USD, you can enjoy the vivacious coastline of Jamaica’s waters with an exciting horseback ride. A 2 hour and 30 minutes journey, this ride is filled with important knowledge, samples from Jamaica's native fruits with an awesome bonus of a private beach.

4. Night Trip with Luminous Lagoon

After a long, amazing day filled with fun, enjoy the cool night breeze as you tour the Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth. About 2.5 hours from Negril, you can sail across the illuminated waters where small creatures glow below the surface of your party boat. To complete the magical moment, you are entertained with a fire-blowing show, games such as limbo and the melodious tune of Reggae Music. Expect to pay from approx $70 USD upwards.

5. Enjoying Blue Hole

Closing a beautiful trip to Negril, stop and get your souvenirs along the majestic waters of Jamaica’s Blue Hole. From approx $65 USD, take a soothing dip in the clean blue waters capturing an unforgettable moment.

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